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Sofia Speaks – what a little star in the making!

I have now set up a YouTube Channel to start posting video of our journey, which really started at the point of making the decision.

Here is the first post  which is Sofia talking a little about the trip.  I am so proud of how well she did this!  I think we have a star in the making 🙂  I also think that filming is going to be what will keep her engaged on the trip.

Not only did she venture outside to do the clip, she enjoyed being filmed and then she watched closely as I did the editing.   I think navigator may become camera man as well 🙂

The First Month of #Planning and I’m Still Here!

I think those who know what an expedition like this involves in terms of planning, fully expect me to give up, and as time goes on I can understand why!   The scope of what is involved with a project like this is quite overwhelming, and to be honest, its success is going to rest on the valuable support that I receive from individuals and organisations to make it happen.

Of course the most overwhelming aspect is time.  Linear time is just so constricting, and I am having to use all my understanding about it to overcome this.  Yes, I dip into frustration, as somehow the desire to have overcome all obstacles in one moment gets greater focus, but remembering that actually it is in that moment that I must be most focused on simply feeling good, because that is when all the obstacles are overcome.  Confused?  well spiritual practice can have that effect!

Budgeting has also been a challenge as I look to cut back the budget as much as possible as well as decide on a more realistic timescale for the journey.   I had pulled together a budget over the Christmas period, it was rushed, but good to get an idea of what was going to be involved.    I was hoping as I started to follow the route in more detail, that I would be able to bring the costs down a bit.  This is turning into a swings and roundabouts exercise, as I am finding that I can cut costs in one area, but discover costs in another.   I have followed the route so far to Mozambique with this method, and thus far have managed to save only a couple of thousand – which might sound like a lot, but in light of the project as a whole, my target was more in the park of ten thousand!  I have yet to cover the other countries, however, I suspect I am heading towards a similar result.

The focus of the budget has been the journey itself.   The other option is that I start culling equipment that I feel is important, but can actually do without.  For example, a solar panel and battery to ensure we always have contingency power.  I have been offered paniers to borrow for the bike with will knock off some more (Thank you .  Secondhand general camping kit has also been offered – which whilst not hugely expensive – will help out a lot (again thank you .  The bike itself is another area to save £££, ideally a new bike with side car that I’ve had time to run in, however, It may be possible to find a second hand bike that might just make the journey.  The risks of this are clear, however, it may be one of the best ways to reduce the cost.

Ha!  it is a struggle going from best case to worst, and probably a bigger struggle than the trip its self.   Well worth it though, as at the end of the day it is the trip that is most important and I’m prepared to make it happen by taking the steps necessary.

New Face Book Page to Like – #Africa With #Autism

Thinking in the Clouds

I have now set up a Face Book Page independent of my other interests.   It seemed to make sense, as then it is clearer as to exactly what people are supporting – Africa With Autism Expedition. Raising awareness of Autism and fund raising for the National Autistic Society

Please Like and Share with as many people as possible – your Like will help make it happen!

Thank you for you Support!  Click here

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By Motorbike and Side Car #AfricawithAutism

Thinking in the Clouds

Just a short post about transport.   I have decided that motorbike with side car is going to the most likely method of getting about in Africa.  Principally because with a motorbike you are more a part of the surroundings that you are travelling through.   It is also a cheaper method of transport, and, to be honest, I have been looking for any excuse to actually learn to ride a motorbike.

When I first thought about the idea of a trip across Africa with Sofia, some one suggested that I look up other women who have traveled solo through Africa on a motorbike.  I had never even thought of it, and probably would never have thought of it, simply because Africa can be dangerous, so more cover rather than exposure is sometimes the best way to go, especially if you are a woman.

Just knowing that women were travelling…

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The Big Decision!

Thinking in the Clouds

I’ve decided to go on Safari with my daughter! Yay!  and it sounds so easy when I say it like that.  In many ways it was, because the circumstances seem to match, like this was the perfect window in life to do this with my daughter.

The first major travel experience I gave my daughter was earlier this year.   It was a cruise, which was an ideal environment for her to safely explore her independence.  It was a huge success.   She not only discovered her independence, but, with a little encouragement, opened herself up to new experiences with out any resistance at all.  It was amazing to watch.  Even a boring coach tour for several hours was ok.  I discovered a whole new aspect of possibilities and experiences that we could now do together.

The wonder lust first seriously bit me about a month to six weeks ago…

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